Polonia opened it's service for Seniors in the year of 1980, as a family owned and operated referral service (placement agency) helping elderly/infirm, to find good people to take care of them. For more than 29 years Polonia's team of Senior/Family Consultants compassionately continue to refer dedicated men and women who provide exceptional care for the elderly in the privacy and comfort of their own home, and at the lowest possible cost to the Senior's budget. We are licensed, bonded and insured.


1. Senior satisfaction always comes first. We refer not only good Caregivers but the ones of the Seniors choice. Good relationship between Senior and Caregiver is an absolute must. Most, if not all of Polonia’s Caregivers develop a close personal bond with the Seniors that they care for - but sometimes we need to switch Caregivers before the Senior is totally satisfied. Senior/Family can request a change of Caregivers at any time - we fulfill that need within 24 hours notice.
2. Integrity. Our ethics enable us to work with the same Caregivers for many years and our commitment to Seniors does not end with referrals - we provide Seniors/Family with support and advice whenever needed. Any time a Senior/Family wishes to speak with us they are always treated with the utmost respect. Call us anytime - we truly care.
3. Reliability. If you make arrangements with Polonia to have a Caregiver at your doorstep within 24 hours is as good as money in the bank, so you can call us with real confidence. Our quick and timely responsiveness is well known by Seniors and Health Care Facilities.

All Seniors and their Families are welcome to our office to meet us and Caregivers or we can select one for you and send them to the Senior's home - wherever their home is. (family home, assisted living, etc.)

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