"As you know Albert has been taking care of my father C.L. First of all, Albert keeps a very clean house. More importantly however, he kept my father clean at all times. My father has dementia from multiple small strokes that have affected his thinking process. This disease runs the same course as Alzheimer's. People in this situation, can not make judgments for themselves and need constant supervision. To take care of people like this takes enormous amounts of patience. My dad has his good days, but more often bad days. In the middle of the night, many times my father would try to "escape". Albert would hear the wiggling of the door knob and have to coax him into going back to sleep. Obviously, Albert had many a sleepless night! Nutrition is another topic that can be very difficult to maintain in dementia patients. Some days my father would try to refuse to eat, but with patience Albert could usually convince him that he needed to eat. Albert is a wonderful cook, also. My father is of Swedish descent and is a horribly picky eater. Albert cooked typical American food that was delicious. My dad regained the weight (that he had previously lost) while Albert was taking care of him. Albert also knew when he could handle a situation and when he could not. I think I only received one phone call during the night the whole time Albert stayed with my dad. That phone call was when my father was threatening to injure himself. I felt confident that I could go to work or away for the weekend. I felt my father was safe and well cared for, which gives the family great peace of mind."

                      Registered Nurse

" Jan has been an exceptionally fine care giver to Dr. R.S. Jan began his care of Dr. S while he was still in his home, and continued on in an even greater capacity when due to health, it became necessary to move to a retirement center. The decision to continue his care of Dr. S. while at the retirement center was a mutual decision, as both Dr. S. and Jan had created a special friendship, and were very comfortable with each other. Jan has a natural talent for care giving, is most responsible, conscientious, intuitive, honest and relaxed, with a good sense of humor, good command of the English language and was very attentive to Dr. S. and his needs. Both his enthusiasm and charm were contagious and contributed to a happy environment. He went out of his way to make sure Dr. S. had exercise and took advantage of any opportunity for entertainment. He had a special sense of our father's health condition and alerted us to any concern well ahead of it becoming a problem. His willingness to assist with extra chores accompanying with trips to the doctor, various household projects, etc. was a tremendous help. His compassion for the elderly was very evident not only with Dr. S. but with other residents at the retirement center."

                        The Family of Dr. R.S.

"Jadwiga was and invaluable aid in our time of need. My husband has been semi bed confined for two years. Jadwiga has kept him very clean - she gave my husband a bath every day, shaved him, cut his hair. My husband never had one bed sore which was very important, because if his skin broke down he could get gangrene from the poor circulation caused by several strokes. The bed was always kept clean even if needing to be done more than once a day. There were never unclean smells from his room. Several times a day Jadwiga would change the position from the hospital bed to the wheel chair or couch. She also had to feed him his meals and give him his daily medication. Jadwiga also kept my husband as cheerful as possible. She would play card games, bingo and checkers with him. Besides caring for my husband, Jadwiga kept house, did laundry, cooked meals and did yard work."


"Gina, was the live in care giver for my mother J.G. for about 4 years. My mother who was handicapped and had an existing incontinence problem had a stroke which left her wheel chair bound. Gina was responsible for and took on the duties of: Getting her medicine in a timely manner Getting her changed, dry, and comfortable Cooking and for the last year or so feeding her. Keeping the house clean and presentable Washing clothes and bedding Food and general household shopping. As an only child, living some distance away, and having to travel frequently out of town on business, Gina took it upon herself to give my mother more than just good "care", she gave her love and affection. In almost 4 years of taking care of my mother, I never once had a doctor, nurse or any health care worker tell me my mother wasn’t being given exemplary care. Gina treated my mother's house as if it was her own. I never once came into the house, announced or unannounced, to find the house not clean, neat and tidy. My mother was dressed for the proper time of day, her hair combed, and always presentable. Leaving money for food and household items, along with knowing there were valuable items in the house, there was never a penny not accounted for, nor any items ever missing. In fact, Gina made it a point to show me items she ran across in general house keeping which she thought would be important. I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that my mother living the extra 4 years since her stroke was a direct result of Gina,s excellent care."


" My aunt returned back home from a rehabilitation institute following therapy of the after effects of a stroke. She had been self-sufficient and extremely socially active before her stroke, and it was important to her that she return to her home and resume her routine as normally as possible. Grazyna not only provided necessary assistance and physical care, but went beyond the "call of duty" to make my aunt as comfortable as possible. This included not only caring for her in her home, but accompanying her on trips to the doctor, dentist, attending social functions such as Christmas parties with her and taking her to church services and social events. I am convinced that Grazyna's care and sensitivity played a major role in my aunt's recovery and physical improvement. Grazyna became a devoted friend and companion as well as care giver."