"My father suffered from Parkinsonís disease. As a result, he was completely reliant on Marianna to transfer him from the bed to his wheelchair and back again. His care also required diapering and feeding. For the last year or so, he lost his ability to communicate verbally, but Marianna would be always patient with him in determining his needs. Marianna performed her duties as caretaker for my father way beyond my expectations. Weather permitting, Marianna would often, if not daily, take my father outside in his wheelchair for long walks around the neighborhood, even taking him to Mass when his condition allowed. In addition to caring for my father, Marianna also cooked, cleaned, and did the grocery shopping."


"Gregory was a live in care giver for my father who had been suffering from advanced Parkinson's disease. At the time Gregory came to work for me, my mother had just died unexpectedly and my father was in need of immediate help. Gregory stepped into a very demanding position and with very little supervision assumed the full duties of running my father's household, thus providing my father with a continued independent lifestyle. Gregory performed all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, and laundry as needed. He drove my father to church, dining, the bank, doctorís visits, etc. His demeanor was one of great caring and patience. He helped my father dress, eat and bathe. As my father's illness advanced Gregory provided light physical therapy as he was taught by my fatherís therapist, he managed my father with use of a walker, then a wheel chair, and ultimately maintained him when he became bedridden. All in all, Greg became endeared to us as one of the family. During the last year of my father's life Gregory and my father came to life with myself, my wife and our three daughters. He continued to provide care for my father until he passed away."