" I hired Anna G. as a caregiver for my client, M.W. Anna was very reliable and caring. She took care of Miss Wís. personal hygiene, her medications, and was a very good companion. She cooked nutritious meals and made sure the Ms. W was comfortable. She is more like a member of the family than an employee. Her ability to drive was a great asset because she was able to go grocery shopping and to the drugstore for prescriptions. When Ms. W. was hospitalized, Anna visited her and fed her since she wasnít able to feed herself. She interacted very well with the visiting nurse, the neighbors and family friends of Ms. W."

                    Attorney at Law

"Anna D. was primary care giver for my Mother for six years until she passed away, at the age of 94. Anna is very loving, caring and a hard worker. My Mother could not have had a better life in her final years because of Anna. I believe because of the quality of care and quality of life that my Motherís life was extended."

                  R.H. D.D.S.

" Jerry K. was a very good caretaker of my Father, B.R. He went above and beyond the call of duty. He not only cared for my father on a daily basis, 24/7; in addition he fed him, bathed him, mad sure he took his medicine, cleaned the house, did laundry, made all of his meals, and was a very good friend to him. He took him on many trips into Chicago for concerts, festivals, parks and museums and even to Tennessee for a family vacation. He was a very good driver. He made sure he did his exercises daily and our Dad was not one to always like to do what was good for him, but Jerry got him to do them."


"Janina B. took care of my mother and her home for over 9 years. Her caring, patience and compassion for my mother, who had severe dementia and n-stage arthritis, was more than I could have hoped for. Her thoroughness and honesty were beyond reproach. She is and excellent cook and made sure that my mother was always well fed. My Mother was always clean and well dressed even when I dropped in unexpectedly. Janina kept the home and the yard maintained. She managed the home virtually independently since I was so far away. Janina became a very good friend of my mother and was like a trusted member of the family. Living in another state could have been a nightmare for me with my motherís declining condition in the past few years if it had not been for Janina. All of her good qualities eased my mind knowing that my mother was being taken care of and in good hands. I wish Janina could have stayed with my mother, but my mother's condition no longer allowed her to remain in her home with even the most conscientious and loving caretaker. It was Janina's excellent care that allowed my mother to remain in her home as long as shed did and for that's. I will always be extremely grateful."


"Helen K. served as our mother's live in caretaker. Helen took wonderful care of mom consistently going beyond the call of duty. We can't imagine what Helen could have done, that she didnít do. It would have been impossible for my mom to stay in her own home as long as she did if it had not been for Helen. From the start, mom was incontinent; so Helen faced the daily burden of changing diapers, keeping mom clean, washing sheets, etc. She cooked for mom, learning her likes and dislikes, helping her eat, and in the last few months feeding her by hand. Even as mom became more and more immobile, Helen made sure that mom got out of bed and into a wheel chair. Helen also insured that mom was dressed and groomed; at holiday times, we would arrive at mom's house to find her wearing a special sweater or perhaps having a bow in her hair. Helen also served as a companion for mom---talking with her, watching t.v. wit her, looking at Christmas and Birthday cards with her. She also dealt compassionately with mom's minor health problems like allergies and colds. While caring for mom, Helen also took care of the house. She vacuumed, she dusted, she cleaned wood and tile floors, she raked leaves and shoveled snow, she swept the basement and the sidewalks, she cleaned bathrooms and toilets--- never in the time that she cared for mom were there any odor problems. If an uninformed observer had watched Helen taking care of mom, he would have thought that she was caring for her own Mother. During the more than two and a half years that Helen was with mom, she became part of our family."

            W.R. P.R.
                                       Dean for Arts and Humanities

"Maria B. has been with my Mother for about 4 years. She has literally been a Godsend. She has cared for my Mother and her home as if they were her own. She is an excellent housekeeper and cook. She also knows how to cook and care for my Mom's diabetes condition. She also has gone above and beyond what was asked of her. She keeps the yard and has a garden in the summer which produces many vegetables she uses to prepare meals. She is honest and trustworthy."


" This letter is written with special conviction and enormous gratitude on behalf of a person who dedicated more than three years of her life to the kind, concerned and conscientious care of my mother during the last years of her life. Ms. Wanda H. has many fine qualities - reliability and honesty are the foremost ones. During the entire term of her service to my mother, Ms. H. did not miss one day, nor was she ever late. She handled household monies and was very careful to account for every penny, whether it was for shopping or for laundry. Perhaps the most valuable attribute of Ms. H's. service was her interest in my mother - how well she got along with her, how she anticipated her needs, how she was ready day or night to respond to her cares or concerns. The suggestions she made --- anticipating various problems that could arise ---were greatly appreciated. Although I am an only child, and except for a cousin, was the sole surviving relative of my mother, at the end of her life, due to the kindness Wanda showed my mother, it was Wandaís name that was called when my mother was in pain or distress--- not mine. It was Wanda upon whom she relied, with justification in her last years. This letter of recommendation is unequivocal. There could be no better person---no more dedicated person--- and no kinder person to bring into a home in the care of the aged or infirm than Wanda H."

                          Attorney at Law

" This letter is in regard to Barbara P. Barbara took care of my great aunt, G.O. for several years. She demonstrated a depth of kindness, loyalty and working habits that can never surpassed by anyone. She brought my aunt great comfort in her time of need. She ran the household with efficiency but caring. She oversaw all of my auntís needs and took great care of them. Over the time that she was there my aunt bonded very closely with her. We could have not survived this long ordeal without her. She was a faithful, loyal and dedicated employee. She remained to the end. It was a very difficult end. My aunt was in Hospice care but Barbara stood courageously with her. I cannot say enough about Barbara. I could never repay her for the mercy, kindness and effort she demonstrated to my aunt. I would like to thank you folks as well. I have always been able to rely on you to provide me with outstanding help for my family members in need."

                            Attorney at Law.

"When a loved one is sick and helpless it can really devastate a family, especially on such as ours, where we always depended on Mom to be the care giver. Mom has two sons, me who lives 3 miles away, and my brother who lives on the East Coast. Basically it was up to me to provide care for my Mom when she got sick as my brother could only help so much, considering he has to got to work and lives 864 miles from Mom. While you could trust me or my brother to repair your car, do your taxes, mow your lawn, etc. your would not want either one of us to care for your loved one! When our mother finally got so sick that she needed 24 hour care we were in a panic as we both knew that we could not provide her proper care. We knew she would not be happy in a nursing home. We were going to let my mother down and that is the devastation. Our salvation came in the form of Nina K. I suppose one would call Nina an employee, but she was more like family. She cared for Mom like Mom cared for my brother and I. I could write all sorts of flowery adjectives describing her work habits, but in my world being like family is the highest praise of all."