"Elizabeth Z cared for my father while I was at work during the day. Elizabeth is a very caring, compassionate person. I donít know what I would have done without her. It gave me great piece of mind to know he was in her care. She would tend to his needs, fix his lunch, take him for haircuts and come with me when I would have to take him for his doctor appointments. When he was able to go for walks, she would take him. Elizabeth was always on time and if I needed her to stay a little longer, or change her hours, she was very accommodating."


"You sent Janina K. to me to take care of my father, S.S. She stayed with him during the day while I went to work, and she helped us until my father died last month. He was in the hospital three times during that period, and in a nursing home for two weeks before he died. Janina didn't hesitate to help me out by staying with him there from time to time, even though she doesnít drive and it wasnít convenient for her to get there. We found Janina to be a wonderful, caring person, as well as completely trustworthy. At first I was reluctant to have a stranger in my house while I was not there, but I not only felt that Janina was trustworthy, but after a while I also came to consider her as a friend and not just a paid employee. She was not just a "caretaker", she really cared about my father."


"My mother is 94 years old and has been declining. Nonetheless, her inability to care for herself about 6 months ago was sudden. I put together a patchwork of family and friends which predictably fell apart. At that point, I would have hired anyone but was relieved when Janina B. arrived smiling and ready to work. Janina was there every day as promised and was never late. She is honest almost to a fault. I was concerned about how to approach her about the phone bill. She brought it up and attempted to give me too much money for her share. My mother is a vegetarian. Janina adapted to this superbly. I was immediately impressed by the proportion of fresh food and quality ingredients on her grocery list. My mother was previously not eating nearly enough by Janinaís trying different things to find out what my mother liked best changed that. Every time I visited my mother, she was clean, her clothes were clean, her bed was clean, the laundry was done, and the dishes were washed. My mother spent years collecting stuff and throwing nothing away so this was not always easy. Janina was always pleasant to work with and pleasant with my mother. Neighbors sought me out to tell me how lucky I was to find her. She expressed a genuine fondness for my mother who many find rather difficult to get along with."


"Anna has been the caregiver for my mother B.T. for the past two years. She has taken care of mom 12 hours a day, six days a week. Mom has moderate Alzheimer's disease that was diagnosed 3 years ago. At times, mom could be difficult and resistant to Anna's assistance. Anna understood an would wait until mom settled down and become more agreeable. Anna knew how to tend to mom in a gentle manner when these moods arose. Her past experience of caring for people who suffered from Alzheimerís disease is a valuable benefit. Anna takes care of all mom's needs. She cooks, cleans house, does laundry, bathes mom, sets her hair and tends to personal hygiene. She does the grocery shopping and takes mom with her. Anna drives and takes mom to the mall where they can walk slowly and be in the company of other people for a while. They will stop for lunch now and then also. Anna is an excellent caregiver who always treated my mother with gentleness, love, respect and dignity."