" I hired Anna G. as a caregiver for my client, M.W. Anna was very reliable and caring. She took care of Miss Wís. personal hygiene, her medications, and was a very good companion. She cooked nutritious meals and made sure the Ms. W was comfortable. She is more like a member of the family than an employee. Her ability to drive was a great asset because she was able to go grocery shopping and to the drugstore for prescriptions. When Ms. W. was hospitalized, Anna visited her and fed her since she wasnít able to feed herself. She interacted very well with the visiting nurse, the neighbors and family friends of Ms. W."

                    Attorney at Law

"Anna D. was primary care giver for my Mother for six years until she passed away, at the age of 94. Anna is very loving, caring and a hard worker. My Mother could not have had a better life in her final years because of Anna. I believe because of the quality of care and quality of life that my Motherís life was extended."

                  R.H. D.D.S.

" Jerry K. was a very good caretaker of my Father, B.R. He went above and beyond the call of duty. He not only cared for my father on a daily basis, 24/7; in addition he fed him, bathed him, mad sure he took his medicine, cleaned the house, did laundry, made all of his meals, and was a very good friend to him. He took him on many trips into Chicago for concerts, festivals, parks and museums and even to Tennessee for a family vacation. He was a very good driver. He made sure he did his exercises daily and our Dad was not one to always like to do what was good for him, but Jerry got him to do them."


"Janina B. took care of my mother and her home for over 9 years. Her caring, patience and compassion for my mother, who had severe dementia and n-stage arthritis, was more than I could have hoped for. Her thoroughness and honesty were beyond reproach. She is and excellent cook and made sure that my mother was always well fed. My Mother was always clean and well dressed even when I dropped in unexpectedly. Janina kept the home and the yard maintained. She managed the home virtually independently since I was so far away. Janina became a very good friend of my mother and was like a trusted member of the family. Living in another state could have been a nightmare for me with my motherís declining condition in the past few years if it had not been for Janina. All of her good qualities eased my mind knowing that my mother was being taken care of and in good hands. I wish Janina could have stayed with my mother, but my mother's condition no longer allowed her to remain in her home with even the most conscientious and loving caretaker. It was Janina's excellent care that allowed my mother to remain in her home as long as shed did and for that's. I will always be extremely grateful."


"Helen K. served as our mother's live in caretaker. Helen took wonderful care of mom consistently going beyond the call of duty. We can't imagine what Helen could have done, that she didnít do. It would have been impossible for my mom to stay in her own home as long as she did if it had not been for Helen. From the start, mom was incontinent; so Helen faced the daily burden of changing diapers, keeping mom clean, washing sheets, etc. She cooked for mom, learning her likes and dislikes, helping her eat, and in the last few months feeding her by hand. Even as mom became more and more immobile, Helen made sure that mom got out of bed and into a wheel chair. Helen also insured that mom was dressed and groomed; at holiday times, we would arrive at mom's house to find her wearing a special sweater or perhaps having a bow in her hair. Helen also served as a companion for mom---talking with her, watching t.v. wit her, looking at Christmas and Birthday cards with her. She also dealt compassionately with mom's minor health problems like allergies and colds. While caring for mom, Helen also took care of the house. She vacuumed, she dusted, she cleaned wood and tile floors, she raked leaves and shoveled snow, she swept the basement and the sidewalks, she cleaned bathrooms and toilets--- never in the time that she cared for mom were there any odor problems. If an uninformed observer had watched Helen taking care of mom, he would have thought that she was caring for her own Mother. During the more than two and a half years that Helen was with mom, she became part of our family."

            W.R. P.R.
                                       Dean for Arts and Humanities

"Maria B. has been with my Mother for about 4 years. She has literally been a Godsend. She has cared for my Mother and her home as if they were her own. She is an excellent housekeeper and cook. She also knows how to cook and care for my Mom's diabetes condition. She also has gone above and beyond what was asked of her. She keeps the yard and has a garden in the summer which produces many vegetables she uses to prepare meals. She is honest and trustworthy."


" This letter is written with special conviction and enormous gratitude on behalf of a person who dedicated more than three years of her life to the kind, concerned and conscientious care of my mother during the last years of her life. Ms. Wanda H. has many fine qualities - reliability and honesty are the foremost ones. During the entire term of her service to my mother, Ms. H. did not miss one day, nor was she ever late. She handled household monies and was very careful to account for every penny, whether it was for shopping or for laundry. Perhaps the most valuable attribute of Ms. H's. service was her interest in my mother - how well she got along with her, how she anticipated her needs, how she was ready day or night to respond to her cares or concerns. The suggestions she made --- anticipating various problems that could arise ---were greatly appreciated. Although I am an only child, and except for a cousin, was the sole surviving relative of my mother, at the end of her life, due to the kindness Wanda showed my mother, it was Wandaís name that was called when my mother was in pain or distress--- not mine. It was Wanda upon whom she relied, with justification in her last years. This letter of recommendation is unequivocal. There could be no better person---no more dedicated person--- and no kinder person to bring into a home in the care of the aged or infirm than Wanda H."

                          Attorney at Law

" This letter is in regard to Barbara P. Barbara took care of my great aunt, G.O. for several years. She demonstrated a depth of kindness, loyalty and working habits that can never surpassed by anyone. She brought my aunt great comfort in her time of need. She ran the household with efficiency but caring. She oversaw all of my auntís needs and took great care of them. Over the time that she was there my aunt bonded very closely with her. We could have not survived this long ordeal without her. She was a faithful, loyal and dedicated employee. She remained to the end. It was a very difficult end. My aunt was in Hospice care but Barbara stood courageously with her. I cannot say enough about Barbara. I could never repay her for the mercy, kindness and effort she demonstrated to my aunt. I would like to thank you folks as well. I have always been able to rely on you to provide me with outstanding help for my family members in need."

                            Attorney at Law.

"When a loved one is sick and helpless it can really devastate a family, especially on such as ours, where we always depended on Mom to be the care giver. Mom has two sons, me who lives 3 miles away, and my brother who lives on the East Coast. Basically it was up to me to provide care for my Mom when she got sick as my brother could only help so much, considering he has to got to work and lives 864 miles from Mom. While you could trust me or my brother to repair your car, do your taxes, mow your lawn, etc. your would not want either one of us to care for your loved one! When our mother finally got so sick that she needed 24 hour care we were in a panic as we both knew that we could not provide her proper care. We knew she would not be happy in a nursing home. We were going to let my mother down and that is the devastation. Our salvation came in the form of Nina K. I suppose one would call Nina an employee, but she was more like family. She cared for Mom like Mom cared for my brother and I. I could write all sorts of flowery adjectives describing her work habits, but in my world being like family is the highest praise of all."


"I had open heart surgery and was a complete invalid because incapacitation. Krystyna had to perform complete nursing duties plus all housekeeping responsibilities. She performed all these jobs in a professional and caring manner. She is leaving my service because I am fully recovered. Krystyna is a hard working and self-motivated individual. She is and intelligent person who has taken a personal interest in my recovery. The personal care she gave me, such as manicures, facials and hair styles gave me a feeling of wanting to get on with my life. Because of her diligent care, my recovery was faster than I and my doctor anticipated."


"My uncle, G.R. suffered a fall at age 89 and after spending three months in the hospital, it was necessary to have 24 hour care for him. Ted has performed the required duties of physical care for G. his personal needs, administering his medication and the monitoring thereof, assisting him with his walking, food preparation and maintenance of his clothing and his apartment. Additionally, Ted has assumed the responsibility of the grocery shopping and purchasing those necessities to make my uncleís life more pleasant. Considering that the doctor's were very hesitant to release my uncle from the hospital, feeling that he would return for further treatment in a week or less due to his failing health, Ted has "built up" my uncle, increasing his weight by 10 pounds and restoring his health and attitude. G. is now moving to Tennessee to live near us and become a homeowner for the first time. I feel confident in saying that if it had not been for Ted and his commitment, my uncle would not have had his health restored. The peace of mind knowing that Ted is in charge has been immeasurable since I am almost 800 miles away."


"Bob has worked for me as a companion and home attendant. He lived in my house six days per week. His duties included housekeeping, preparing all meals, house cleaning, laundry, shopping and the general supervision of my household. Bob also assisted me in my daily activities, which included helping me get dressed, bathing, etc. Bob is a very honest and extremely hard working person.

      J.L. Medical Doctor

"We are writing to thank Polonia for their services. You had sent us Eugenia for a caretaker. We desperately needed help to take care of my uncle. Eugenia was kind gentle and understanding. Thank you Polonia and Eugenia for all of your help in our family's matters. God bless you for the good work that you do."

      S.Z. and Family

"In my practice, I have had many occasions where personal care services were required for injured or aged clients. One particular client, Miss M.C. was a very difficult case. Slava has provided extraordinary care as a live in aid to Miss C. Slava kept an immaculate residence and possesses an exceptional talent for cooking, far beyond any expectations of Miss C. The personal hygiene Slava provided to Miss C. earned high respect from the hospital nursing staff and attending physician."

                      Attorney at Law.

"Irena B. has been assisting my father, J.H. for five weeks in his recovery from heart surgery. She was very caring, considerate and attentive during her employment with my father. Irena has a very pleasant disposition which added continuity to the household. Irena managed all household chores including cleaning - laundry, cooking plus attending to my father's needs during his recovery."


"Zygmunt W. took care of my mother who was injured in a serious fall in her home. She is elderly and, being a large and heavy woman, extremely difficult to handle. Zygmunt, supplied intermediate care of her and did so on a 24 hour basisÖ.he performed admirably. Outside of his care giving skills, he is an accomplished cook, an excellent housekeeper, and a good gardener. When we first hired him, my mother's home suffered from twenty years of neglect and in the relatively short time we were able to avail ourselves of his services, he transformed the home into a spotless showplace. His housekeeping is wonderful beyond belief. Additionally, he cared for my mother's cocker spaniel, with like skill."


"Peter C. has cared for my father for almost two weeks. My father was not totally incapacitated, he was just unable to use his hand because of surgery, but I feel it necessary to tell you that my father is very demanding. Peter exercised extreme patience and maintained my father's health needs as well as his daily needs with ease. My father enjoyed his company as well as his good cooking and I know my father will miss him and his daily care."


" Balla has been a Godsend to V. V. was released from the hospital to recuperate at home. Balla was extremely helpful and did more than take care of V. She cooked delicious meals, kept the house orderly and washed the Vs. clothes. When the rehabilitation people came to the house, Balla was very attentive to their instructions and continued them throughout the day. In fact, Balla was so good, that Vís recovery was amazingly fast. Therefore after only three weeks, V. can be on her own."


"As you know Albert has been taking care of my father C.L. First of all, Albert keeps a very clean house. More importantly however, he kept my father clean at all times. My father has dementia from multiple small strokes that have affected his thinking process. This disease runs the same course as Alzheimer's. People in this situation, can not make judgments for themselves and need constant supervision. To take care of people like this takes enormous amounts of patience. My dad has his good days, but more often bad days. In the middle of the night, many times my father would try to "escape". Albert would hear the wiggling of the door knob and have to coax him into going back to sleep. Obviously, Albert had many a sleepless night! Nutrition is another topic that can be very difficult to maintain in dementia patients. Some days my father would try to refuse to eat, but with patience Albert could usually convince him that he needed to eat. Albert is a wonderful cook, also. My father is of Swedish descent and is a horribly picky eater. Albert cooked typical American food that was delicious. My dad regained the weight (that he had previously lost) while Albert was taking care of him. Albert also knew when he could handle a situation and when he could not. I think I only received one phone call during the night the whole time Albert stayed with my dad. That phone call was when my father was threatening to injure himself. I felt confident that I could go to work or away for the weekend. I felt my father was safe and well cared for, which gives the family great peace of mind."

                      Registered Nurse

" Jan has been an exceptionally fine care giver to Dr. R.S. Jan began his care of Dr. S while he was still in his home, and continued on in an even greater capacity when due to health, it became necessary to move to a retirement center. The decision to continue his care of Dr. S. while at the retirement center was a mutual decision, as both Dr. S. and Jan had created a special friendship, and were very comfortable with each other. Jan has a natural talent for care giving, is most responsible, conscientious, intuitive, honest and relaxed, with a good sense of humor, good command of the English language and was very attentive to Dr. S. and his needs. Both his enthusiasm and charm were contagious and contributed to a happy environment. He went out of his way to make sure Dr. S. had exercise and took advantage of any opportunity for entertainment. He had a special sense of our father's health condition and alerted us to any concern well ahead of it becoming a problem. His willingness to assist with extra chores accompanying with trips to the doctor, various household projects, etc. was a tremendous help. His compassion for the elderly was very evident not only with Dr. S. but with other residents at the retirement center."

                        The Family of Dr. R.S.

"Jadwiga was and invaluable aid in our time of need. My husband has been semi bed confined for two years. Jadwiga has kept him very clean - she gave my husband a bath every day, shaved him, cut his hair. My husband never had one bed sore which was very important, because if his skin broke down he could get gangrene from the poor circulation caused by several strokes. The bed was always kept clean even if needing to be done more than once a day. There were never unclean smells from his room. Several times a day Jadwiga would change the position from the hospital bed to the wheel chair or couch. She also had to feed him his meals and give him his daily medication. Jadwiga also kept my husband as cheerful as possible. She would play card games, bingo and checkers with him. Besides caring for my husband, Jadwiga kept house, did laundry, cooked meals and did yard work."


"Gina, was the live in care giver for my mother J.G. for about 4 years. My mother who was handicapped and had an existing incontinence problem had a stroke which left her wheel chair bound. Gina was responsible for and took on the duties of: Getting her medicine in a timely manner Getting her changed, dry, and comfortable Cooking and for the last year or so feeding her. Keeping the house clean and presentable Washing clothes and bedding Food and general household shopping. As an only child, living some distance away, and having to travel frequently out of town on business, Gina took it upon herself to give my mother more than just good "care", she gave her love and affection. In almost 4 years of taking care of my mother, I never once had a doctor, nurse or any health care worker tell me my mother wasnít being given exemplary care. Gina treated my mother's house as if it was her own. I never once came into the house, announced or unannounced, to find the house not clean, neat and tidy. My mother was dressed for the proper time of day, her hair combed, and always presentable. Leaving money for food and household items, along with knowing there were valuable items in the house, there was never a penny not accounted for, nor any items ever missing. In fact, Gina made it a point to show me items she ran across in general house keeping which she thought would be important. I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that my mother living the extra 4 years since her stroke was a direct result of Gina,s excellent care."


" My aunt returned back home from a rehabilitation institute following therapy of the after effects of a stroke. She had been self-sufficient and extremely socially active before her stroke, and it was important to her that she return to her home and resume her routine as normally as possible. Grazyna not only provided necessary assistance and physical care, but went beyond the "call of duty" to make my aunt as comfortable as possible. This included not only caring for her in her home, but accompanying her on trips to the doctor, dentist, attending social functions such as Christmas parties with her and taking her to church services and social events. I am convinced that Grazyna's care and sensitivity played a major role in my aunt's recovery and physical improvement. Grazyna became a devoted friend and companion as well as care giver."


"I have observed the fine work of Ms. P. who was a care giver for one of my rural patients for most of the past year. I observed Ms. P. to be and exceptional health care worker. She faithfully and professionally attended to the special needs of my patient with Alzheimer's dementia, and also actively helped with other tasks in the household. She was exceptionally careful about hygienic practices, was sincerely honest and trustworthy, and was a true friend to all concerned."

      P.R. M.D.
                                        Assoc. Professor of Clinical Medicine

"Wanda has been employed with us for the past 5 years as a live in companion and caregiver for my 93 year old mother-in-law S.B. who is incontinent, wheelchair bound, and has Alzheimer's. In general S. could be a very difficult person to handle. Wanda has always taken care of my mother-in-law with patience, kindness and respect. Wanda was diligent in keeping S. clean and bathed and she would always apply lotions and Vaseline to Sís skin to keep it soft and supple. The doctors always commented on how beautiful S's. skin was, most patients they saw usually had bedsores or extremely dry skin. Since my mother-in-law could not feed herself, Wanda would feed her taking as long as 3 hours to do so, if S was in a particularly uncooperative mood that day. Wanda would never let S. lay bedridden. She tried to give S. as normal a daily routine as possible, watching television together and talking to S. The house was always kept clean, meals were prepared, and I never worried about finding anything missing. She is a very honest and trustworthy person. Wanda is like a member of our family, celebrating the holidays together and giving goodies to the great-grandchildren when they come to visit "Wanda and Grandma."


"Helen has been with our family to care for our aged parents over the last 4 and 1/2 years. Entrusted with round the clock care, Helen has provided compassionate, meticulous and enthusiastic care for my mother, D.K. (83) and father S.K.M.D.(now 85). This allowed my parents to remain in their own home for as long as possible which they desperately desired. Mother progressed from partial disability as a consequence of strokes to becoming completely bed-ridden, unable to move, speak or eat for the last year of her life. Helen regulated the medical air mattress, administering all medications from a complex schedule and ministered to her bed sores. She was my Motherís best friend, treating her with respect and dignity until Mom's death. Dad has progressive Alzheimer's requiring constant monitoring. Helen, a superb cook prepared all meals for my parents, undertook all shopping including reordering and picking up prescriptions, maintained the house including arranging for any repairs, did the laundry and insured that the house was immaculate. She took my parents to medical/dental appointments, arranged for in home barber/hairdresser and drove Dad to adult day care (which he was enrolled in after his wife's death). Helen patiently, but firmly dressed Dad, made sure he maintained proper hygiene and encouraged social interaction to delay the progression of Alzheimer's. She is an angel."

                  S.B.K. Medical Doctor

"Adela was a caregiver for my father L.W. She gave him excellent care. My father was unable to walk after his hip fracture due to Alzheimer's Disease and arthritis of the knees and legs, in spite of a hip pinning procedure. He had multiple medical problems due to his age (87) wore diapers, and was unable to follow instructions because of his mental status. Adela kept him clean, dry, well nourished and hydrated, and repositioned him frequently to prevent skin breakdown. She learned to use a hoyer lift, and transferred him form bed to chair independently several times daily. My mother is 85 years old and was unable to be of physical help in my father's care. As an advanced practice nurse, I have encountered many caregivers. I believe that Adela is exceptional. My mother appreciated her kindness and company, and we all feel that we were blessed to have this special woman caring for my father."

                        B.C. Registered Nurse, MSN

"My father suffered from Parkinsonís disease. As a result, he was completely reliant on Marianna to transfer him from the bed to his wheelchair and back again. His care also required diapering and feeding. For the last year or so, he lost his ability to communicate verbally, but Marianna would be always patient with him in determining his needs. Marianna performed her duties as caretaker for my father way beyond my expectations. Weather permitting, Marianna would often, if not daily, take my father outside in his wheelchair for long walks around the neighborhood, even taking him to Mass when his condition allowed. In addition to caring for my father, Marianna also cooked, cleaned, and did the grocery shopping."


"Gregory was a live in care giver for my father who had been suffering from advanced Parkinson's disease. At the time Gregory came to work for me, my mother had just died unexpectedly and my father was in need of immediate help. Gregory stepped into a very demanding position and with very little supervision assumed the full duties of running my father's household, thus providing my father with a continued independent lifestyle. Gregory performed all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, and laundry as needed. He drove my father to church, dining, the bank, doctorís visits, etc. His demeanor was one of great caring and patience. He helped my father dress, eat and bathe. As my father's illness advanced Gregory provided light physical therapy as he was taught by my fatherís therapist, he managed my father with use of a walker, then a wheel chair, and ultimately maintained him when he became bedridden. All in all, Greg became endeared to us as one of the family. During the last year of my father's life Gregory and my father came to life with myself, my wife and our three daughters. He continued to provide care for my father until he passed away."


"Maria lived with and cared for my mother - a victim of Alzheimer's disease and ovarian cancer. Maria is a wonderful woman with a kind, kind heart. Considerate, honest and hard working. A great cook, great housekeeper. Affectionate, and compassionate; Maria was my motherís companion, her nurse, and her friend."

                  C.K. Medical Doctor

"Wanda proved to be the mainstay in keeping Ms. L.G. in her home until her death. Not only was Wanda a real gem, in providing care, she is a definite asset to your organization. We especially appreciated her strong work ethic and honesty while she was in the home. Should any other family member or friend be in need of 24 hour care, I will certainly inform them of your agency."

                        R.H. Registered Nurse

"I wanted to compliment you on your choice of caregivers. Around the beginning of January, we contacted Polonia to request a home caregiver for my mother who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. The caregiver you selected for our family could not have been better. Alina B. was the best. She not only took care of my mother, but also gave support and comfort to the rest of our family. In times of great need, Alina always had encouraging words for my father, sister and myself, always took the time to see how WE were doing. She was much more than a caregiver to our family, she was a close friend and family member. I wonít go on and on about how wonderful Alina was to us, but I wanted to thank you, Alina could not have been better."

                  K.F. and Family

"Ida was a caretaker for our Dad who had cancer. She was always pleasant and joking with dad, keeping up his spirits at all times, even when times were bad. They had a good relationship and dad liked her very much which was very important to us as children, as we live in New Jersey. Upon meeting Ida we knew why Dad was so fond of her. We surely were blessed to have found someone like Ida to care for our Dad. She spent one year and 3 months with him. Not only did she care for Dad, but also kept his home clean and tidy at all times. She also is a very good cook ,making dad all kinds of special things. He loved her fussing over him. She showered him with undivided attention. He was always first. The last week of his life she also worked with Hospice to make dad as comfortable as possible. They were also pleased with how she cooperated with them and followed their instructions at all times."


"Josephine took care of our Mother, for six months. She not only cared for our Mom, but she truly "cared" for her too. Mom suffered from lung cancer as well as dementia. For the first several months, Mom was mobile, but near the end she was bedridden. Josephine fed her home cooked meals and Mom ate better than she had for a long time. Besides that, Josephine fixed her hair every day, dressed her in color co-ordinated clothes and made sure Mom looked the best she could. (Mom loved to dress nice) Josephine gave Mom all medications and took her out for long walks making sure that Mom was dressed for the weather in her wheelchair. Josephine did all this as well as keeping the house immaculate with much patience and good humor. Mom often said that she loved Josephine and thanked her for her daily care. The Hospice staff who visited mom were constantly impressed with the care Mom was getting from Josephine.

            C.B's Children

"We employed Jadzia to live in our home in order to take care of our very sick parents. As it turned out she cared for both of them in the last month/year of their lives, right up to the day of death. Jadzia is the ideal caretaker. Our parentsí doctor reassured us that our parents could get no better care in a nursing home than Jadzia was giving them in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of their home. The nurses and social workers from the Visiting Nurses Association and the Hospice Program marveled at her skill, her devotion to our parents. We, ourselves, on many visits home witnessed her care and heard from our parents how much they came to love and cherish Jadzia. Jadzia is a hard-working woman. She was often kept busy all day and during the night, responding to our parentsí needs. What endeared her to them and to us, was the manner in which she carried out her responsibilities. She is warm and naturally affectionate person. Thus it was natural for her to approach Mom and Dad gently and kindly, to coax them (and they did need coaxing as death drew closer) to eat the nourishing soups she cooked, to drink liquids, to take their medicines. She engaged them in conversation about their rich and full lives; she encouraged them to share and re live their treasured memories. She got them to smile, to laugh. She helped them with the reassurances of their religious beliefs to accept the final months of slow decline. One of her greatest gifs in caring for two elderly and sick people was her human touch. She touched their bodies affectionately and gently, to lift them, to massage them, to bathe them, to support them, to make them feel comfortable on a chair or in the bed. She kept their clothes and surroundings immaculately clean. She helped them to maintain their human dignity at all times.

      L.B. Ph.D.

"Lina came to my home for the purpose of acting as a caregiver to my mother, who was terminally ill. First and foremost, I can say without reservation that Lina is one of the most honest people I have ever met. I was understandably apprehensive about having a stranger live in my home and I was under a good deal of stress, knowing I would be leaving my frail mother in someone elseís care 12 hours a day while I was working. Linaís honesty and integrity reflect traditional values. She immediately put us at ease and integrated herself into our home and routine. My mother was very much family-oriented, but she became so close to Lina, I once heard her refer to her as her "other daughter". I had nurses and therapists coming to my home when my mother first arrived and they all told me how lucky I was to have Lina, as their previous experiences with some caregivers were not always so positive. Lina was always willing to help with exercises or in any way she could. I would be remiss if I did not remark on Linaís conscientious nature. When I came home from work each day, I would get a detailed verbal report from Lina regarding my mother's food consumption, liquid and pill intake, exercise or anything else that had happened that day. Diet and liquid consumption is crucial to the elderly and the ill, and Lina was adamant that my mother always had fresh water, tea, fruit, etc. available to her at all times. Lina is hard working and self motivated. In fact, I would often ask Lina after dinner to please sit down read or watch TV, as she was always cleaning or finding a project long after we had relaxed for the day. Instead, she always took the initiative to perform miscellaneous household tasks that were in no way her responsibility in her role as caregiver. One of Linaís finest qualities is her compassionate attitude. Lina is kind-hearted and treated my mother with a respect that is too often denied the sick and elderly. I could not possibly itemize every instance in which Lina's empathy resulted in increased comfort and well-being for my mother. She was also extremely cognizant of my mother's emotional health and took it upon herself to help maintain my mother's optimism under very trying circumstances. Lina took great pride in my mother's personal appearance, knowing how important self-esteem is to the ill. To this day, I do believe it was an act of God the Lina came into my life on that day. My mother was extremely ill and for a good part of the last 10 months of her life, she was not even mobile. I could never have survived that 10 months without Lina, practically or emotionally speaking. I would not have traded Lina for the most skilled nurse of professional therapist. She supported my mother in her illness and stood by my side during the most difficult year of my life. She proved herself a reliable friend and has become like a sister to me."

"Elizabeth Z cared for my father while I was at work during the day. Elizabeth is a very caring, compassionate person. I donít know what I would have done without her. It gave me great piece of mind to know he was in her care. She would tend to his needs, fix his lunch, take him for haircuts and come with me when I would have to take him for his doctor appointments. When he was able to go for walks, she would take him. Elizabeth was always on time and if I needed her to stay a little longer, or change her hours, she was very accommodating."


"You sent Janina K. to me to take care of my father, S.S. She stayed with him during the day while I went to work, and she helped us until my father died last month. He was in the hospital three times during that period, and in a nursing home for two weeks before he died. Janina didn't hesitate to help me out by staying with him there from time to time, even though she doesnít drive and it wasnít convenient for her to get there. We found Janina to be a wonderful, caring person, as well as completely trustworthy. At first I was reluctant to have a stranger in my house while I was not there, but I not only felt that Janina was trustworthy, but after a while I also came to consider her as a friend and not just a paid employee. She was not just a "caretaker", she really cared about my father."


"My mother is 94 years old and has been declining. Nonetheless, her inability to care for herself about 6 months ago was sudden. I put together a patchwork of family and friends which predictably fell apart. At that point, I would have hired anyone but was relieved when Janina B. arrived smiling and ready to work. Janina was there every day as promised and was never late. She is honest almost to a fault. I was concerned about how to approach her about the phone bill. She brought it up and attempted to give me too much money for her share. My mother is a vegetarian. Janina adapted to this superbly. I was immediately impressed by the proportion of fresh food and quality ingredients on her grocery list. My mother was previously not eating nearly enough by Janinaís trying different things to find out what my mother liked best changed that. Every time I visited my mother, she was clean, her clothes were clean, her bed was clean, the laundry was done, and the dishes were washed. My mother spent years collecting stuff and throwing nothing away so this was not always easy. Janina was always pleasant to work with and pleasant with my mother. Neighbors sought me out to tell me how lucky I was to find her. She expressed a genuine fondness for my mother who many find rather difficult to get along with."


"Anna has been the caregiver for my mother B.T. for the past two years. She has taken care of mom 12 hours a day, six days a week. Mom has moderate Alzheimer's disease that was diagnosed 3 years ago. At times, mom could be difficult and resistant to Anna's assistance. Anna understood an would wait until mom settled down and become more agreeable. Anna knew how to tend to mom in a gentle manner when these moods arose. Her past experience of caring for people who suffered from Alzheimerís disease is a valuable benefit. Anna takes care of all mom's needs. She cooks, cleans house, does laundry, bathes mom, sets her hair and tends to personal hygiene. She does the grocery shopping and takes mom with her. Anna drives and takes mom to the mall where they can walk slowly and be in the company of other people for a while. They will stop for lunch now and then also. Anna is an excellent caregiver who always treated my mother with gentleness, love, respect and dignity."


"Lucy has worked weekends as a companion to my mother (aged 84) for several years. Lucy has always been dependable, willing, capable, accommodating ---- and a trusted friend to my mother."