About Polonia In Home Care

"I had open heart surgery and was a complete invalid because incapacitation. Krystyna had to perform complete nursing duties plus all housekeeping responsibilities. She performed all these jobs in a professional and caring manner. She is leaving my service because I am fully recovered. Krystyna is a hard working and self-motivated individual. She is and intelligent person who has taken a personal interest in my recovery. The personal care she gave me, such as manicures, facials and hair styles gave me a feeling of wanting to get on with my life. Because of her diligent care, my recovery was faster than I and my doctor anticipated."


"My uncle, G.R. suffered a fall at age 89 and after spending three months in the hospital, it was necessary to have 24 hour care for him. Ted has performed the required duties of physical care for G. his personal needs, administering his medication and the monitoring thereof, assisting him with his walking, food preparation and maintenance of his clothing and his apartment. Additionally, Ted has assumed the responsibility of the grocery shopping and purchasing those necessities to make my uncle’s life more pleasant. Considering that the doctor's were very hesitant to release my uncle from the hospital, feeling that he would return for further treatment in a week or less due to his failing health, Ted has "built up" my uncle, increasing his weight by 10 pounds and restoring his health and attitude. G. is now moving to Tennessee to live near us and become a homeowner for the first time. I feel confident in saying that if it had not been for Ted and his commitment, my uncle would not have had his health restored. The peace of mind knowing that Ted is in charge has been immeasurable since I am almost 800 miles away."


"Bob has worked for me as a companion and home attendant. He lived in my house six days per week. His duties included housekeeping, preparing all meals, house cleaning, laundry, shopping and the general supervision of my household. Bob also assisted me in my daily activities, which included helping me get dressed, bathing, etc. Bob is a very honest and extremely hard working person.

      J.L. Medical Doctor

"We are writing to thank Polonia for their services. You had sent us Eugenia for a caretaker. We desperately needed help to take care of my uncle. Eugenia was kind gentle and understanding. Thank you Polonia and Eugenia for all of your help in our family's matters. God bless you for the good work that you do."

      S.Z. and Family

"In my practice, I have had many occasions where personal care services were required for injured or aged clients. One particular client, Miss M.C. was a very difficult case. Slava has provided extraordinary care as a live in aid to Miss C. Slava kept an immaculate residence and possesses an exceptional talent for cooking, far beyond any expectations of Miss C. The personal hygiene Slava provided to Miss C. earned high respect from the hospital nursing staff and attending physician."

                      Attorney at Law.

"Irena B. has been assisting my father, J.H. for five weeks in his recovery from heart surgery. She was very caring, considerate and attentive during her employment with my father. Irena has a very pleasant disposition which added continuity to the household. Irena managed all household chores including cleaning - laundry, cooking plus attending to my father's needs during his recovery."


"Zygmunt W. took care of my mother who was injured in a serious fall in her home. She is elderly and, being a large and heavy woman, extremely difficult to handle. Zygmunt, supplied intermediate care of her and did so on a 24 hour basis….he performed admirably. Outside of his care giving skills, he is an accomplished cook, an excellent housekeeper, and a good gardener. When we first hired him, my mother's home suffered from twenty years of neglect and in the relatively short time we were able to avail ourselves of his services, he transformed the home into a spotless showplace. His housekeeping is wonderful beyond belief. Additionally, he cared for my mother's cocker spaniel, with like skill."


"Peter C. has cared for my father for almost two weeks. My father was not totally incapacitated, he was just unable to use his hand because of surgery, but I feel it necessary to tell you that my father is very demanding. Peter exercised extreme patience and maintained my father's health needs as well as his daily needs with ease. My father enjoyed his company as well as his good cooking and I know my father will miss him and his daily care."


" Balla has been a Godsend to V. V. was released from the hospital to recuperate at home. Balla was extremely helpful and did more than take care of V. She cooked delicious meals, kept the house orderly and washed the Vs. clothes. When the rehabilitation people came to the house, Balla was very attentive to their instructions and continued them throughout the day. In fact, Balla was so good, that V’s recovery was amazingly fast. Therefore after only three weeks, V. can be on her own."