"I have observed the fine work of Ms. P. who was a care giver for one of my rural patients for most of the past year. I observed Ms. P. to be and exceptional health care worker. She faithfully and professionally attended to the special needs of my patient with Alzheimer's dementia, and also actively helped with other tasks in the household. She was exceptionally careful about hygienic practices, was sincerely honest and trustworthy, and was a true friend to all concerned."

      P.R. M.D.
                                           Assoc. Professor of Clinical Medicine

"Wanda has been employed with us for the past 5 years as a live in companion and caregiver for my 93 year old mother-in-law S.B. who is incontinent, wheelchair bound, and has Alzheimer's. In general S. could be a very difficult person to handle. Wanda has always taken care of my mother-in-law with patience, kindness and respect. Wanda was diligent in keeping S. clean and bathed and she would always apply lotions and Vaseline to Sís skin to keep it soft and supple. The doctors always commented on how beautiful S's. skin was, most patients they saw usually had bedsores or extremely dry skin. Since my mother-in-law could not feed herself, Wanda would feed her taking as long as 3 hours to do so, if S was in a particularly uncooperative mood that day. Wanda would never let S. lay bedridden. She tried to give S. as normal a daily routine as possible, watching television together and talking to S. The house was always kept clean, meals were prepared, and I never worried about finding anything missing. She is a very honest and trustworthy person. Wanda is like a member of our family, celebrating the holidays together and giving goodies to the great-grandchildren when they come to visit "Wanda and Grandma."


"Helen has been with our family to care for our aged parents over the last 4 and 1/2 years. Entrusted with round the clock care, Helen has provided compassionate, meticulous and enthusiastic care for my mother, D.K. (83) and father S.K.M.D.(now 85). This allowed my parents to remain in their own home for as long as possible which they desperately desired. Mother progressed from partial disability as a consequence of strokes to becoming completely bed-ridden, unable to move, speak or eat for the last year of her life. Helen regulated the medical air mattress, administering all medications from a complex schedule and ministered to her bed sores. She was my Motherís best friend, treating her with respect and dignity until Mom's death. Dad has progressive Alzheimer's requiring constant monitoring. Helen, a superb cook prepared all meals for my parents, undertook all shopping including reordering and picking up prescriptions, maintained the house including arranging for any repairs, did the laundry and insured that the house was immaculate. She took my parents to medical/dental appointments, arranged for in home barber/hairdresser and drove Dad to adult day care (which he was enrolled in after his wife's death). Helen patiently, but firmly dressed Dad, made sure he maintained proper hygiene and encouraged social interaction to delay the progression of Alzheimer's. She is an angel."

                  S.B.K. Medical Doctor

"Adela was a caregiver for my father L.W. She gave him excellent care. My father was unable to walk after his hip fracture due to Alzheimer's Disease and arthritis of the knees and legs, in spite of a hip pinning procedure. He had multiple medical problems due to his age (87) wore diapers, and was unable to follow instructions because of his mental status. Adela kept him clean, dry, well nourished and hydrated, and repositioned him frequently to prevent skin breakdown. She learned to use a hoyer lift, and transferred him form bed to chair independently several times daily. My mother is 85 years old and was unable to be of physical help in my father's care. As an advanced practice nurse, I have encountered many caregivers. I believe that Adela is exceptional. My mother appreciated her kindness and company, and we all feel that we were blessed to have this special woman caring for my father."

                        B.C. Registered Nurse, MSN